Court of Auditors: Ponta cabinet operated illegal fund allocations and increased the Reserve Fund 14.5 times

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The Court of Auditors has signalled on Friday several irregularities on the measures taken by the Ponta Government in 2014, pointing to illegal budgetary allocations from the reserve fund, which was increased last year by no less than 14.5 times.
According to the Court of Auditors, many government decisions on budgetary allocations from the Reserve Fund did not meet the legal requirements.
Moreover, the Reserve Fund available to the Government to finance urgent or unforeseen expenditures was increased in 2014 by 14.5 times.
“Some of the government decisions by which sums of money were allocated from the Reserve Fund in 2014 were for expenditures which did not meet the conditions to be classified as urgent or unexpected during the budget year. (…) The Reserve Fund at government’s disposal was increased in 2014 by about 14.51 times,” the Court of Auditors says.
Thus, if at the beginning of 2014 the Law 356/2013 on the State Budget for 2014 has provided the amount of RON 161,269,000 as the Reserve Fund, the amount was increased by the end of 2014 to RON 2,340,670,000 (by RON 1,040,100,000 through two budget rectifications and by RON 1,139,301,000 according to the Law no. 500/2002 on public finances).

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