Court validates Nicusor Dan as Bucharest mayor

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Bucharest Court of Appeal has validated today Nicusor Dan as the Capital general mayor, in a final ruling, thus dismissing those 52 appeals filed against him by former and incumbent PSD councilmen.

The magistrates dismissed the motion, arguing that the appeals had been submitted later than the legal term allowed.

Nicușor Dan, the mayor-elect of Bucharest, announced in a press conference last week that he cannot take over its mayor seat in Bucharest and he will not be able to swear in, because his term has been challenged in court by 52 people, most of them former and current PSD councilmen. Dan accused the incumbent mayor Gabriela Firea that she had ordered her subordinates to sign the referrals, without signing herself.

Nicusor Dan told B1 TV on Sunday evening that he expected to be validated at the Capital City Hall on Thursday, Friday at the latest.

He said that “there has been a sort of confusion”, for many have the impression that he has been Bucharest mayor for one month, but explaining he had no powers during all this time. “So, all that it’s happening in Bucharest is Gabriela Firea’s responsibility“, he argued.

Asked what he has been doing this month when he could not take over his mayor sear, Dan replied that he had avoided to open media conflicts and had taken care of the relation with other authorities that his activity as mayor is depending on.

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