Credible actions are needed to prevent long-term migration, says Iohannis ahead the EU summit

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Before heading for EU extraordinary summit on immigration in Brussels on Thursday, Romanian President Klaus Iohannis said that credible actions are needed in support to the economic development of the countries of origin as solution to prevent long-term migration.

“We deeply regret the tragedies that took place and we support the effort of improving the use of instruments the EU has in this field in order to avoid relapse of such situations, in order to avoid the human lives’ loss,’ president Iohannis said at the Henri Coanda International Airport, as quoted by Agerpres.

The Romanian president informed the European Council’s extraordinary summit will mainly tackle the actions the EU and the member states could take in order to alleviate the situation generated by the migratory flows in this region. In his opinion, several action directions are already taking shape, such as human trafficking cut, including trafficking networks annihilation by capturing and destroying the illegal transportation capacities, the strengthening of the efforts for rescuing the people in danger at sea, the consolidation of cooperation with the states of origin and transit, the support given to the affected member states.

When the summit was urgently summoned on Wednesday, President Iohannis wrote on Facebook that the refugees and migration problem has never been so critical as it is now.

Over 1,000 persons drowned themselves in the Mediterranean Sea in the past week, in the attempt of reaching Italy from northern Africa. The Italian Government has repeatedly asked for an additional EU assistance to face the high immigrants afflux.

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