Criminal file probing into the officials’ legal right to use motorcades. Denunciation targets ex-Interior minister, Prosecutor General and Patriarch Daniel


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The National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) opened a criminal case probing into the legality of all institution heads’ using motorcades. The investigation was initiated based on a denunciation.

Judicial sources told local news agencies the denunciation has been filed by a NGO, while the complaint targeted the motorcades’ use by Gabriel Oprea, ex-Interior Minister (during his motorcade ride, a policeman died several weeks ago), by Romania’s Prosecutor General, Tiberiu Nitu and by Patriarch Daniel.

The criminal file was registered on November 5 based on the complaint about the institutions’ heads’ legal right to repeatedly use the motorcades in traffic.

For now, there is just an ‘in rem’ investigation in this case and it will be decided if persons are to be prosecuted as well.

According to the Traffic code regulations, the traffic police crews can accompany these motorcades only in the case of the Romanian President, prime minister and in the case of the two Speakers of the Parliament. Ministers can resort to motorcades only on ‘special occasions which are calling for an emergency ride.”

The motorcades’ debate kicked off after the tragic death of a 28yo traffic police officer who was accompanying Interior minister Oprea’s motorcade on the evening of October 20. The policeman’s motorcycle fell into a whole on a main boulevard in Bucharest and died due to the severe injuries.

Initially he was though to be in an ordinary traffic decongestion mission, but the media revealed the young police officer was in fact part of the minister’s motorcade. It was only after two days that the Interior Ministry admitted the fact.

Prosecutors started an investigation in this case, informing on Wednesday that minister Gabriel Oprea had 1,607 motorcade rides in the past ten months, to public institutions and to private destinations, while the prime minister had 814 rides and the president 580.

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