Cristian Diaconescu (PMP)’s presidential bid challenged from within the party


Is Elena Udrea, PMP Chairman, aiming at running for Presidency? The question was tabled afer Ruxandra Dragomir, chair of PMP’s Women’s Organization said at Realitatea TV that difficulties are encountered in gathering signatures for the official candidate of the People’s Movement. In retort, Elena Basescu – the younger daughter of President Traian Basescu, who has promoted PMP and endorsed Diaconescu’s candidacy decided by PMP’s Congress – has posted the following message on her Facebook page: ‘Mrs. Ruxandra Dragomir pretends she is unaware of what’s happening: the chapters [of PMP] have ‘problems’ in gathering signatures for Cristian Diaconescu, because [PMP chair and former counsellor of President Basescu] Elena Udrea forbids it.’
Yet, PMP vice chair Stefan Vlaston denied Elena Basescu’s assertions on Wednesday. ‘There’s absolutely no information, and I, as a member of party’s leadership, have no elements leading to this conclusion of Elena Udrea prohibiting the gathering of signatures. I don’t know who misinformed Elena Basescu, but I am positive nothing is true in this story,’ he claimed.

In his turn, Cristian Diaconescu, PMP’s official presidential candidate so far, says contestants of his candidacy are those who actually disagree with the confiscation of illicit wealth, a topic he opened a couple of days ago. ‘I have been asked several times why I want to run [for president]. I believe in this country, and I run because I trust Romania’s force. I think Romania can change, and I think it’s a country with many resources, where much more can be achieved. Last days I have clearly stated for the first time my intention, and interestingly, immediately after I opened the topic of the confiscation of illicitly accumulated wealth voices were heard contesting my candidacy. I am curios whether it’s my candidacy being called into question, or actually the initiative of confiscating illicit wealth,’ Diaconescu wrote on his official Facebook page.  He also asked PMP to take steps against party members who ‘go to TV stations and mislead people on the number of signatures gathered for my candidacy.’

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