CSAT called for September 17, President pleads for the voluntary migrant quotas


President Klaus Iohannis informed on Monday he had convened the Supreme Council for National Defence (CSAT) on the refugees’ issue for September 17, where he is to present his opinion on voluntary migrant quotas being preserved.

“I don’t think that compulsory quotas are a solution. I will present this point of view in CSAT meeting set for September 17. Obviously, I will also consider the information the Government will bring in the CSAT meeting, but preliminary data show that we have reason to ask for the voluntary quotas,” Iohannis told a news conference at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

The President pointed out there is “no pressure of a migrant wave” in Romania, as the Interior Ministry’s statistics reveal that the number of immigrants coming in Romania this year did not increase compared to last year, so for those reasons there is no need to have “hysterical” reactions or xenophobe actions.

“The phenomenon is important to us because we are in the European Union, but in Romania there is no such pressure coming from this area. We can deal with the matter calmly, responsibly, displaying solidarity with the countries where there is a huge number of refugees. We should not react hysterically, as we should not display a xenophobic side of ourselves. We have to display solidarity with the other EU member states, but voluntary quotas should be kept in place. I do not believe mandatory quotas are the solution. I will present this opinion next week at the CSAT meeting. I convened the CSAT for September 17. I will also unveil the same opinion during the European Council in mid-October,” Iohannis said, arguing that Romania can accommodate 1,785 refugees.

According to him, 1,705 refugees are already on the EU territory and other 80 who will be relocated, meaning they will be brought from outside EU.

Referring to the latest figures spread in the international media, the head of state underlined that the figures regarding the refugees that Romania will have to shelter presented by “various newspapers” are “media speculation”, adding there is no draft on this topic presented by the European Commission.

In the President’s view, the debates on migration have become heated and speculations emerged against his background.

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