CSAT decides to send more soldiers next year in the theatres of operations


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The meeting of the Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) on Tuesday, led by President Klaus Iohannis, has taken place after the US Department of State tough warning on the Laws of Justice.

The first topic analyzed and approved by the members of the Council was the Plan for the use of the Romanian Armed Forces, which are to be deployed to missions and operations outside the territory of the Romanian state in 2018.

The Ministry of National Defence will be able to participate abroad, in 2018, with 1,775 soldiers, representing an increase of 286 soldiers as compared to 2017. They can be deployed in the theatres of operations, as well as within the individual observation and monitoring missions. 233 soldiers will be in the country, available to be deployed on command.

The forces of the Ministry of Internal Affairs available to the European Union, OSCE, NATO and UN missions in 2018 will be 1,867 gendarmes and police officers – by 340 more than in 2017. Of these, 1,018 will participate in missions, and 849 will be able to be deployed to order, realitatea.net informs.

The main effort will continue with the participation of forces and means to the NATO mission in Afghanistan – Resolute Support Mission, while maintaining participation in NATO operations KFOR and EU ALTHEA in the Balkans, according to a presidency press release.

The Council also reviewed and endorsed the Draft Government Decision on the approval of the circumstances and the specific procedure related to Phase 1 of the essential armament programme ‘8×8 Armoured Carriers for Troops’.

The budget proposals in 2018 for the institutions with attributions in the field of defence and national security have been approved. The Ministry of National Defence will receive 2% of GDP.

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