CVM report for Romania and Bulgaria – to be released in the following weeks. Justice Minister expects an EC positive view

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The Cooperation and verification Mechanism (CVM) report is to be released by the European Commission in the following weeks, no date has been set, an EC spokesperson said on Friday, according to Mediafax. The EC spokesman Christian Wigand said ‘no date could be confirmed. It will happen at the beginning of this year, sometime during the following weeks.’

Romanian President Klaus Iohannis stated on Thursday while in Brussels that the CVM report is to be released in a few days. The Romanian President said that he and the EC President Jean-Claude Juncker pledged that the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism would be lifted during their terms, with Iohannis saying that Romania has made significant progress in reinforcing the state institutions’ authority, the rule of law and the independence of the justice system. According to him, a CVM report will be issued in a few days.

Christian Wigand, asked in regard to this issue, answered he cannot be more specific. Another EC spokesperson Mina Andreeva said Christian Wigand has been accurate, ‘more accurate than a few days.’

European sources told Mediafax the CVM report on Romania will be better than the previous one in January 2014. The ‘black sheep’ will be one again the parliament, criticized for several decisions to lift immunity for MPs facing justice. The same sources said the CVM report for Romania will be better than the one addressing Bulgaria.

Romanian Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc said it will be the second year in a row Romania received a better report. ‘On the basis of our dialogue with EC officials, we will get a positive CVM report. The report will mirror the situation in Romania: an independent justice system, efficient institutions fighting corruption, a firm commitment from the Romanian government to support the justice system through investments in courts and prosecutors’ offices,’ Cazanciuc said, according to Digi24. He added Romania is a good example for good practices in the field og justice following the fight against corruption and the implementation of the three new codes in one year.

Asked about the possibility to see no blockages for ongoing inquiries, Cazanciuc said last year he supported a ‘code of conduct for justice’ but internal disputes made it impossible to be adoped. ‘I have had the last days several talks with representatives of the judicial committees with the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies and I believe things will be fundamentally changed by the start of the next parliamentary session,’ Cazanciuc said.

The CVM report will also be on the agenda of the talks to be held on Monday in Brussels by Justice Minister Robert Cazanciuc with the EC Vice-president Frans Timmermans, the official in charge with the report, as well as with the Commissioner for Justice Vera Jourova.

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