Dacian Ciolos: Either me or Dan Barna will run for Presidency

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Former technocrat premier Dacian Cioloș said that he or Dan Barna will run for Presidency on behalf of the USR-PLUS Alliance, explaining it is natural the Alliance have its own candidate, considering the good score obtained at the EP elections.

One of us will definitely run. We’ll team up anyway whatever the candidature will be“, Dacian Ciolos told Romania TV on Monday evening.

Asked how will the collaboration with PNL be handled, considering the USR-PLUS Alliance will provide a contender for Klaus Iohannis at the coming presidential elections, PLUS chairman retorted that there is no argument that the third political force in Romania should not have a candidate for the Cotroceni seat.

We obtained more than 22 pc at the recent elections. We are one of the three main political forces in the country. Do you see any argument banning us from having a candidate? Could we explain to not have a candidate after obtaining this result? So, it is natural. It has nothing to do with other candidatures from other parties. Every party has the right to present is own candidate and we’ll discuss about our political programmes in the campaign“, the PLUS leader pointed out.

As for the announced censure motion against the incumbent Dancila Government, Ciolos said that USR and PNL have very clearly stated that they will endorse a censure motion to topple down Dancila Cabinet.

In his turn, USR chairman Dan Barna told Marius Tuca Show that he will assume candidature for Presidency if USR and PLUS reach this conclusion. Barna also said that USR and PLUS will most probably go in tandem president-premier.

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