Dacian Ciolos – main favourite in the race for the Renew Europe Group’s Presidency

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PLUS leader, former Prime Minister Dacian Ciolos, has officially filed candidacy for the position of leader of the Renew Europe Group (RE).

Ciolos has confirmed candidacy for ‘Politico’: Yes I will run!

The former PM is believed to be the main favourite, following the decision of former French minister for Europe, Nathalie Loiseau, to drop the bid.

Ciolos will race Swedish Fredrick Ferdeley and Dutch Sophie in ‘t Veld, after French Nathalie Loiseau (ex-ALDE) has dropped her candidature.

Ciolos said for Politico that the citizens expect a better Europe and concrete results are awaited.

We need to manage the social protection situation and to make the citizens more powerful when facing the digital revolution, for example. We need to approach well the climate change. We need to find a solution for migration, so that the efforts are better understood. We also have to offer strength to the business environment and to start-ups, Ciolos has told Politico.

He added he is ready to dedicate full energy and efforts to make this group and the new approach work and get results for the citizens.

The Renew Europe Group includes ALDE, La Republique En Marche (the party of French President Emmanuel Macron), the USR-PLUS Alliance and others.

The group has 110 seats in the new European Parliament, by 41 seats more than the former ALDE group.

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