Dacian Cioloş: We must get to early elections. „Dragnea invents conspiracies”


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Co-founder Romania Together Movement, former PM Dacian Cioloş, told a press conference in Cluj-Napoca on Thursday that on short and medium term Romania must head to early elections so that a political majority should be re-legitimated by vote.

He said that the Social Democrat Party (PSD) should let President Klaus Iohannis play a mediator role and start talks with the parliamentary parties and with the civil society.

„If PSD thinks of its own interest, Dancila Government should step down in the upcoming days. PSD should let Mr. Iohannis play a mediator role, send the incumbent pseudo Government off and start discussions with the political forces in Parliament. I thinks debates and consultations with the civil society which is protesting in the street would be useful, to see which are the best solutions that politicians should assume in Parliament. On short and medium term we must get to early elections if we want to be honest with Romania’s citizens, if we want to find sustainable solutions to the problems that have been accumulating for the past one year and a half, a political majority re-legitimated by vote is needed,” said Ciolos, adding that a solution must be found before year end.

As for the recent allegation made by PSD chairman related to an alleged murder attempt against him, the former technocrat prime minister Ciolos said that Dragnea is inventing conspiracies, as a strategy to manipulate the public opinion so that the Diaspora meeting’s violence should take a back seat.

We had manipulation to divert the attention from the Romanians’  true questions whose answers are pending. There has been no talk in the Government and PSD about those 500 victims of the violent repression of the protest. In exchange, they are talking about victimization of PSD chair Liviu Dragnea, who has imagined murder attempts, which no empowered institution has been aware of,” the former premier pointed out.

“Instead, we have shy excuses, without clear explanations related to what happened on the night of August 10, without the reasons of those aggressive repressions coming from the Gendarmerie,” he added.

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