Dambovita County social-democrats sign document to support expelled Adrian Tutuianu. Was the letter written by the former local leader?


MPs, mayors, city and county counselors, heads of Dambovita local organisations have signed a joint statement expressing unconditional and unreserved support for Adrian Tutuianu, recently expelled from PSD by the party’s Executive Committee. They claim de decisions to expel Tutuianu and Marian Neacsu are unfounded and abusive.

The signatories request the PSD leadership to prove wisdom and revoke the decision, digi24.ro reports.

”We support the steps Adrian Tutuianu and Marian Neacsu want to make and we have a common stand with our Ialomita colleagues for further actions. We sign, along with Adrian Tutuianu and Marian Neacsu the document to be addressed to the PSD Congress and we request the impartial analysis with celerity of the situation. We believe the rightful PSD Dambovita chairman is Adrian Tutuianu and we call on Rovana Plumb to prove verticality and decline the toxic nomination as interim head of PSD Dambovita,” the document reads.

However, sources quoted by capital.ro claim that the letter was written by Adrian Tutuianu himself, who allegedly has the signatories in his hand.

Reportedly, Tutuianu claims he is in close relationship with Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) chief, Eduard Hellvig, and has told the mayors the intelligence services will defend him.

“Many mayors have skeletons in their closet and are terrified files may be opened against them if they do not support Tutuianu,” the sources say.

The former chairman of the Dambovita County Council used to say “he is obsessed with power.” The key positions in the county are taken by people with questionable studies and the citizens are dissatisfied, the sources further say.

Rovana Plumb is the PSD Dambovita interim chairman.

Former Deputy Radu Popa has charged Adrian Tutuianu, in several posts on Facebook, that he was the one to denounce Ion Stan (the former PSD Dambovita head) to the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) and wore recording devices to give the prosecutors evidence. Reportedly, Tutuianu took over all Stan’s positions. Stan was sentenced to prison and has died this year, affected by the fact that the man he brought to the party had betrayed him, the same sources say.


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