Dan Barna takes full responsibility for his score in the presidential election. “Our entire endorsement goes to Klaus Iohannis”

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After failing to enter the runoffs of the presidential election, USR-PLUS candidate Dan Barna had a first reaction, saying he is taking full responsibility for the result.

Dan Barna was voted by 14.19% of the voters according to the first partial official results announced by the Central Electoral Bureau on Monday.

In a press conference delivered next to his co-alliance partner, Dacian Ciolos (PLUS), Barna said the parties respect the decision of the voters.

“I take full responsibility for this goal that we haven’t achieved. We respect the voters’ decision. It is obvious part of the blame and I assume the fact we haven’t managed to deliver our message to more citizens. It is a process that are we are learning from. We’ll have a thorough analysis in the party. I summoned the leaders of the county branches tonight for a first discussion to review what’s about to happen,” USR chairman stated.

On the other hand, Barna mentioned that they are still on a track in which they believe very much.

I am content for a great campaign, we reached the entire Romania, literally. Unfortunately, the piece of Romania that we were counting on and in which we believed is apparently smaller than we had anticipated. There is still a lot of work in this country. We thought we are on a higher level than the voters proved us to be”, he argued.

He concluded that their mobilisation will go on, while announcing their endorsement for Klaus Iohannis in the runoffs on November 24.

We continue together. I am optimistic about this alternative that brings a breath of fresh air and confidence in the Romanian politics. Our endorsement goes to Klaus Iohannis. I hope we’ll have a discussion with Iohannis, to be sure that his political project is in line with our goals”.

Asked if he considers resignation from the position of USR chairman, Barna denied. “I taken the responsibility for the result, but I am not a leader who quits when things go tough”.

In his turn, PLUS leader Dacian Ciolos said that the result of the presidential election does not reflect the potential of the USR-PLUS Alliance.

“PNL will not be able to govern alone”, he argued.

We have a second round between Klaus Iohannis and Viorica Dăncilă,it’s no surprise that our support goes to Klaus Iohannis. Let’s give this signal of collaboration between our project and Klaus Iohannis’ project. We’ll give a vote for Romania’s modernisation”, Ciolos said.


Leader of USR deputies asks for internal analysis

The leader of the USR deputies, Stelian Ion, has asked for an internal analysis in USR to see the precise reasons for which Dan Barna has failed to reach the runoffs of the presidential election. He told RFI that the refuse to assume joining the government had been a mistake that had cost the party in election, while admitting the difference of score between Barna and Dancila was higher than they expected.

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