Dancila accuses Iohannis of sabotage: We’ll go for a vote in Parliament to secure endorsement for the Cabinet

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After President Iohannis announced in a press statement on Wednesday that he will not accept the minister nominations and the reshuffle as a whole, PM Viorica Dăncilă has retorted she will go to the Parliament and try to secure the necessary endorsement for her Cabinet. The premier has also accused the Romanian President that he “had replaced the position of mediator with the political parties by sabotage”.

Despite all these latest obstacles and in spite of all these gentlemen who pretend to be men of state, who, for electoral reasons, maintain instability, we will go on with our activity. We’ll go to Parliament and we’ll try to get the necessary support to carry our mandate through. I am saying this not because we are holding on to our positions, as some say, but because we have a responsibility to the country and to Romanians, we have the responsibility to carry through our governance programme“, the premier argued in a press statement at Victoria Palace.

Further on, PM Dancila launched accusations against President Iohannis, but also against her former ruling party, Calin Popescu Tariceanu, whose party ALDE has quit the ruling coalition on Monday.

I saw with deep disappointment the show provided by the presidential candidate Klaus Iohannis, who, unfortunately, has not understood his constitutional role even after 5 years since he has been Romania’s President. Mr. Iohannis’ attitude is not surprising at all, he’s been using his position for two years and a half to hinder, block and criticise this Government without no factual basis. Mr. Iohannis has replaced his constitutional duty of mediator among political parties with the one of sabotage. The President has not understood how much Romania needs the maturity of the political class, the responsibility of the state institutions, which should prevail beyond any electoral interest. It’s a conduct as immature and selfish as the one of Mr. Tariceanu. One is abandoning the ruling, the other one is blocking the nomination of ministers,” the PM said.

Viorica Dancila has also asked “candidate” Klaus Iohannis to present “evidence” to support his statement that the Government she is heading is corrupt, as the President’s statement “deeply damages Romania’s image.”

“It is absolutely revolting that Mr. Iohannis utters from the official tribune of the Presidential Administration the phrase ‘Corrupt Government.’ I urge candidate Klaus Iohannis to immediately present evidence for this statement that is deeply harming Romania’s image. I assure all Romanians that ,as far as I am concerned, there has never been any corruption act or any legal matter that could taint my activity. Mr. Iohannis is selling his slogan, however, he doesn’t truly want any normal government, any normal Parliament or any normal society. This Government that Mr. Iohannis says is incompetent is the same Government commended by President Trump for its economic performances, it is the same Government praised by all European Union member states and by all European officials for the good management of the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the same Government that has raised Romanians’ incomes and made investments in almost all local communities. It is the same government that obtained the citizens’ trust by the vote in 2016, because that vote has given the parliamentary support for today’s Government. I will never tolerate the Romanians’ vote be discredited,” the prime minister argued.

Tariceanu replies to Dancila

In a brief Facebook post, Calin Popescu Tariceanu has retorted to PM Dancila’s criticism:

“Dear Viorica, I have repeatedly offered my support to go in Parliament, to make a better Government. You turned me down. You will come for a vote in Parliament now sent by Mr. Iohannis. Without me….”

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