Dancila keeps on accusing Iohannis that he is afraid of a confrontation with her


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After Klaus Iohannis and his Liberal campaign staff officially announced they do not want a debate with the PSD candidate in the presidential election, Viorica Dancila said in a press conference on Wednesday that President Klaus Iohannis “lives in a different world”, accusing him of being afraid ‘of a debate, a direct confrontation’ with her.

Mr. Iohannis, I believe you live in a different world. I believe Mr. Iohannis either sees himself somewhere in the stratosphere, ruling over a Romania where only the National Liberal Party exists, above all the citizens of this country and the vote expressed by them, above the other candidates, above the Constitution and is afraid of a direct confrontation with me,” Dancila stated arguing that such a debate would refute all propaganda and “all dirty attacks” against her and the PSD.

It would be normal, correct and democratic for us to have a direct debate, a confrontation of ideas and programmes between the candidates asking for the vote of Romanians on 24 November. In 2014, Klaus Iohannis textually said a debate between the contenders of the presidential election runoff is absolutely necessary and expected by all Romanians. It seems that many things have happened over these five years of mandate with his principles and beliefs, if now, in these elections, he is actually telling us to our face that Romanians no longer deserve such a debate. Following this logic, we can expect the president soon saying that Romanians don’t even deserve to express their political option if this is not the National Liberal Party,” Dancila told a press conference at the PSD headquarters.

Dancila also accused Iohannis that he is taking credit for the good development of the elections in Diaspora, claiming that the latest amendments on the electoral law, meaning the expansion to three days of voting and the increase of the polling stations, are the merits of her former Government.

Viorica Dancila announced she accepted to take part in a TV debate at the TVR national television broadcaster on Sunday, also inviting Iohannis to join her, while proposing several topics of debate: his pledge in the 2014 presidential campaign on giving up the immunity provided by the president office, Romania’s accession to Schengen or the US visa requirement lifting for Romanians.

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