Dancila on Dragnea’s warning: “I am not afraid of losing my position”

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After PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has sent her a subtle warning on Tuesday, PM Viorica Dancila has said today during a visit to Bacau that she is not afraid of losing her job, arguing “you always accept a position knowing a day will come when you have to go as well”.

I am not afraid. You always accept a position knowing a day will come when you have to go away, but when you leave you must be sure you have done the right thing“, the premier said.

Dancila also added that she found normal the party is monitoring the activity of the Government.

We are a political government, we have the party’s endorsement and the chairman’s endorsement and it’s normal we are being monitored. I think that achieving 73% of the ruling programme  is a good thing and will be appreciated by the party. It’s normal we have a roadmap, to have goals and deadlines (…),”Dancila argued.

In an interview for Adevarul Live, chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD, Liviu Dragnea, has announced he would analyse PM Viorica Dancila’s situations in terms of her relation with the ruling party, after elections. Dragnea said the same goes for any member of the Government.

On reshuffle

On the other hand, the premier revealed she will try to convince her colleagues in the PSD Executive Committee to go for the Government reshuffle, not in restructuring.

I hope to convince my colleagues in the Executive Committee to go on reshuffle and not on restructuring“.

Dancila had refused the option of the Government restructuring through a vote in Parliament, saying she prefers an institutional dialogue and a reshuffle with proposals to the President.

In his turn, PSD chair Liviu Dragnea seemed to drop the restructuring version, claiming the It’s hard to summon the Parliament’s plenary session before the elections.

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