Dancila says the gold watch is gift from her husband, it’s worth no more than EUR 5,000

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After Liberals had accused PSD’s presidential candidate Viorica Dăncilă that she had not mentioned in her last wealth statement a golden watch worth over RON 80,000 (over EUR 16,700), she came out to explain that she had received the watch as a gift from her husband and that he would not have allotted EUR 20,000 for it. Dancila said the watch is not worth more than EUR 5,000, and that’s why she hadn’t mentioned in its latest wealth statement.

“It is a watch my husband gave me, it is not worth more then EUR 5,000, to mention it in the wealth statement. My husband would not have allotted EUR 20,000. It is a different watch from what the gentleman  (from PNL) revealed. I will bring this watch to present it to you“, Dancila told journalists.

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