Daniel Constantin launches PRO Romania party

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PRO Romania party was launched on Monday under the slogan #altfel (#in another way) by Daniel Constantin, on a hotel terrace, an event attended by dozens of people.

“We are launching a political project aiming to attract people, to make them get involved, to bring together opinions and to be sure all they say will be found in the platform,” Daniel Constantin, former ALDE co-chair, said.

He said the project was born out of “pure emotions” and that the party already has 35 county branches and several MPs.

Constantin added it will be a centre party with patriotic issues.

Daniel Constantin was accompanied by MPs Sorin Cîmpeanu, Eugen Durbacă, Mircea Banias, Damian Florea, and by Sorin Minea, the Romalimenta federation chairman.

The ALDE leadership decided in early May to expel Daniel Constantin (former co-chairman), Eugen Durbaca and Mircea Banias from the party. The decision came following the dispute at the helm of the party between Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Daniel Constantin. ALDE Political Bureau decided in late April to request the Standing Delegation to expel Daniel Constantin from the party.

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