Danish Social Democrats ask for PSD’s ousting from the Party of the European Socialists

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Social Democrats from Denmark are asking that PSD led by Liviu Dragnea should be ousted from the Party of the European Socialists (PES), Digi FM reports. The action has been initiated by the Romanian community in Denmark, represented by George Forlafu, while the letter has been translated in several languages and the parties of this political family will be all contacted in this regard.Danish MP Orla Hav (photo), one of the leaders of the Social Democrat Party from Denmark, stated the letter has been received and the matter has been already discussed.

We discussed about this problem in the group o0f the party leaders and we are very concerned about what we see and hear about Romania. We’ll raise this issue within PES, which is the one that can decide on the party’s ousting. The essential principles of the Social Democrat movement are: social Justice and democracy. A preliminary condition to be part of the Social-Democrat movement is that, in practice, these two basic principles are observed. At present, we notice that the Social Democrat Party from Romania is not in step with these principles. The party’s leader (editor note: Liviu Dragnea) is sentenced to three years and six months in prison for abuse of office. The party is trying to elude the judgements and is ignoring the basic Socialist principles by using its majority in Parliament to legalise illegality. Our hope is towards a truly democrat social party that should develop Romania within Europe,” said Orla Hav.

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