Debates on the justice laws, resumed by the special committee on May 2. What is President Iohannis’ opinion about certain amendments?

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The MPs of the special committee on justice laws have decided on Thursday to resume debates on amending the criminal codes and other judiciary related bills on May 2, agreeing to also invite representatives of the judiciary bodies and associations and of the law schools from the major universities in the country.

“All those interested can attend the debates and file amendments. Let’s invite members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM), of the Supreme Court, of the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice, the Magistrates’ Association, the Judges Forum, the Romanians’ Coalition, The Bar National Union, as well as representatives of the academic environment. In my view, we have to be open. I propose to starts debates in the special committee on May 2,” the committee chairman, SocDem Florin Iordache said.

In his turn, USR deputy Ion Stelian proposed that the public consultation period should range from two weeks to 30 days.

Liberal Catalin Predoiu argued invitations should be also sent to the four law faculties in the country, “as they expertize in the field”. Iordache agreed to notify the law faculties in Iasi, Cluj, Constanta and Bucharest, and also the ones in Timisoara and Craiova.

President takes stand, slams some amendments made to ‘destined to certain people’

President Klaus Iohannis has slammed the amendments, arguing some of them are not necessary, while stressing it is inadmissible the amendments should be destined to certain people who are temporarily at the helm in Parliament, obviously hinting to Liviu Dragnea.

Some of these amendments are needed, for a certain law amendment is necessary, to harmonize it with the rulings of the Constitutional Court, even with the European laws (…) Some other proposals that have bee made are totally unacceptable, I don’t want to get into details now, and I think the debate in Parliament will reveal what must remain under consideration and what mustn’t. It’s inadmissible that some amendments should be destined to certain people who are temporarily holding decision-making positions even in Parliament,” Iohannis said on Thursday.

Iordache explains dereliction of duty abrogation, denies criminal codes amendments would target PSD chair Dragnea

At the same time, the chairman of the committee, Florin Iordache, has denied on Thursday that amendments operated on the Criminal Codes would directly target PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea (who has a sentence on probation and several lawsuits pending), claiming that the justice laws are drafted for the entire society. Moreover, he claimed that the article on the dereliction of duty had been abrogated as it interfered with the abuse of office, and the latter should be adopted without having a threshold.

“The abuse of office was mixing with the dereliction of duty. We have around 14 proposals for a higher or lower threshold and the Justice minister says he has a proposal related to the abuse of off ice so, we’ll choose the best option. If we have a threshold of a certain value, the question what is that value. I think it’s better without any threshold,” Iordache argued.

As for the criticism that some amendments would have been drafted to help Liviu Dragnea with his legal problems, Iordache denied.

“The laws are not drafted for certain people. The laws are applied to the entire society. These proposals will be undoubtedly amended at the proposal of magistrates and of the law faculties,” he added.

Liviu Dragnea also denied that the amendments of the criminal codes are made for him, stating in Pitesti on Thursday that nobody will give him back the years spent in courts.

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