Debates resumed on cyber security laws following President’s intervention

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President Klaus Iohannis informed on Thursday that consultations for the cyber security law package would be resumed. A Cyber Security Operative Committee will proceed the talks with the parliamentary parties, intelligence services and civil society to see that the new laws are complying with the citizens’ rights and freedom and also to serve as a tool for the services.

“On the Romania President’s initiative, talks will be resumed to reanalyze the draft laws regarding traffic data access and cyber security. The step aims at overcoming the present gridlock, at complying with the Constitutional Court’ s ruling and at better informing the public opinion regarding the laws and their effects. Reanalyzing the legislation on this matter will also include consultations with the civil society, before the beginning of a new legislation process in Parliament. The consultation will also include meetings with the representatives of the parliamentary parties, of the business and academic environment. The aim of the debates is to find a balance between respecting individual rights and preventing terrorism, cyber criminality and fighting corruption. The talks will take place within the Cyber Security Operative Committee (COSC), a body that will uniformly coordinate the Cyber Security National System. COSC will be chaired by a president (the presidential adviser for national security) and a vice-president (the prime minister’s adviser on national security affairs). The Romanian Intelligence Service is the technical coordinator of the body,” reads a press release of the Presidential Administration.



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