Decisions on the 2012 referendum undertaken by all USL leaders, PM Ponta tells Supreme Court judges


PSD leader Victor Ponta said during the High Court for Cassation and Justice (ICCJ – Supreme Court) hearings on Wednesday regarding the referendum in 2012, and that all decisions to suspend the president and regarding the campaign for a referendum were undertaken by all USL leaders.

The Social-Democrat President revealed that SMS messages during the campaign were not made up by the political leaders, but by political consultants, and then approved by the campaign team, with decisions sometimes taken by a rapid response team without consulting the leaders.

He added he is not aware if Dragnea was given the go-ahead for the message content sent by SMS at the referendum in 2012, but that he personally, had he been consulted, would have agreed because the turnout, which be thus stimulated, is an expression of the essence of democracy.

“The creative team included Bogdan Teodorescu, Dan Mihalache from PNL, politicians and people from outside the parties,” said Ponta.

The Prime Minister also said that at that time, as prime minister, he had been duly informed by all institutions involved on the campaign and the vote, ruling out the existence of any organized network for defrauding without the awareness of the institutions.

PSD leader Victor Ponta stated before the court, speaking about the tombola to attract voters to the ballot for the 2012 referendum, that he only remembers he had asked each local strategy to be according to the law and knows only about the meetings, but added a local decision could have been taken.

Asked if he knew of organizing the tombola to attract voters, Ponta replied: “No, I remember that I asked that each local strategy to be carried out according to the law.”

But still asked if he knew of any such meeting for organizing the tombola, Ponta said: “I know nothing about the tombola. I know about the rallies and other activities to promote the ‘Yes’ vote to the referendum. Maybe it was a local decision.”

PSD President, Prime Minister Victor Ponta, came to the High Court of Cassation and Justice on Wednesday to be heard in the referendum file, saying he wants to tell the truth in this case and that he wanted to speak also to the prosecutor, but was refused.

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