DefMin asks parliamentary committee to probe into Diaspora protest after SocDem MEP gets death threats


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Minister of National Defence, Mihai Fifor, also a Social Democrat senator, has asked in a Facebook post on Sunday that a parliamentary inquiry committee should be established to investigate the violent protests on August 10 after Social Democrat MEP Dan Nica, who also asked for a similar committee, had received death threats.

Fifor wondered what good is what had happened, talking about fake news and intentions to destabilize the country before it takes over the Presidency of the EU Council.

Yesterday, and I strongly support that, our colleague, MEP Dan Nica, asked for a parliamentary inquiry committee to analyse the events of August 10. He received death threats for that. He is not the only PSD member who gets this kind of threats and we cannot allow the perpetuation of  this irresponsible policy to break the Romanian society. That’s why, this committee must be established as soon as possible. Governments are changed by parliamentary majorities following a democratic vote, not through violence set up in the street,” Fifor argued on his Facebook account.

He says that „an incredibly well scenario has been planned’ on August 10 to topple down the Government through violence.

The Defence minister states that, although the protest of August 10 has been announced as one of the Diaspora, nobody has assumed its organization, opining that “the rally was to end in violence”.

Fifor claimed that, starting August 11, “a real fake news campaign has been initiated, including in the foreign media”.

Various statements of some representatives of the European Social Democrat parties have been used to build the argument that these parties are condemning the Romanian authorities. Actually, these stances have not been and are not official ones“, Fifor said.

The leader of the Social Democrat Romanian MEPs, Dan Nica, has stated on Saturday that a parliamentary inquiry committee is necessary to probe into the events of August 10, arguing that President Klaus Iohannis’ statements on the action of the Gendermerie during the Diaspora protest „show the obvious desire to encourage the existing violence even more”.

MEP Nica slams the head of state for launching tough accusations against the Gendarmerie “without having any proof”, arguing Iohannis “is not interested in putting the conflicts within the society to an end, but he wants these conflicts to escalate for electoral gains.”

Nica added that the Romanian President must understand that „changing the Government otherwise than through democratic means is illegitimate”.

In a press conference about a week ago, President Iohannis argued  that „extremely thin and poorly explained public explanations by the Interior Minister had not convinced anyone, the same goes for the Gendarmerie’s explanations.”

Prime Minister Viorica Dancila sent a letter to European Commission President, Jean-Claude Junsker and to EC First Vice-president, Frans Timmermans few days ago, whereby she argued that the Gendarmerie acted by the law during the rally on August 10, also charging President Klaus Iohannis with calling for continued protests.

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  1. Bryan Davidson says

    “MEP Nica slams the head of state for launching tough accusations against the Gendarmerie ‘without having any proof'”. Proof was flying in from the protesters, civilians, an even tourist during the time of the protest.

    Pay attention Israel. It would be better to met with Romania as a whole rather than the parties corruption that is keeping it from strong development.

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