DefMin: Over 100 U.S. troops already in Romania


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More than 100 American soldiers have arrived in Romania, the Defense minister, Vasile Dincu announced on Tuesday. These are specialists who are preparing the arrival of the other bands, the minister explained.

“We have been trained for a long time, from a logistical perspective. These are also specific preparations that are being made. At this point, the Americans have arrived, so to speak. More than 100 American soldiers have already come for training, specialists, who are preparing this future deployment of the troops, so they have already arrived in Romania”, Vasile Dîncu declared on Tuesday.

He added that together with the Romanian specialists in logistics, the American soldiers are currently preparing the arrival of the other troops in the country. “This means that it will not take long for the rest of the troops to come,” Dîncu said.

The Biden administration decided last week to transfer about 1,000 US troops from Germany to Romania as part of measures to strengthen NATO’s eastern flank defense amid a crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

Bunkers checked on a yearly basis

At the same time, the Romanian Minister of National Defense, Vasile Dîncu, said on Tuesday that the bunkers are checked every year, on a regular basis, assuring Romania is “prepared for any situation.”

Vasile Dîncu said that every year there is a certain calendar for this inspection. The minister stressed that most of the bunkers belong to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. “We have discussed this with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the inspection is done regularly. Every year there is a certain schedule for this inspection. Most believe that they belong to the Ministry of Interior, those of civil protection, for cases of cataclysm, crisis situations. From our perspective, from the Ministry of National Defense, this has been done very seriously in recent years. We know exactly, we are ready for any situation “, said the Minister of Defense.

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