Deputies give green light to dismantling the Special Section for investigating magistrates

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Deputies have adopted on Wednesday the draft bill on disbanding the Special Section for investigating magistrates. The bill has been adopted by 171 votes against 136 and it goes now to the Senate, which is the decision-making chamber in this case.

UDMR and USR have contradicted each other in the plenary session on the amendment related to the super-immunity granted to the magistrates, although both parties are part of the ruling coalition.

On the other hand, PSD has proposed the rejection of the amendment. Following the vote, there was only one amendment left, the one stipulating that magistrates can be prosecuted only with the consent of the Superior Magistracy Council. The Social Democrats have been actually the ones who voted against the bill. Moreover, PSD announced it will refer the law to the Constitutional Court.

Inside the ruling coalition UDMR has apparently conditioned the vote in Parliament to dismantle the controversial section, asking that magistrates should be sent to court only with the CSM’s consent, while the files targeting magistrates charged of corruption deeds to be handled by the National Anti-corruption Directorate, regardless of the amount of the prejudice.

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