Deputy Adrian Dohotaru resigns from USR

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Cluj Deputy Adrian Dohotaru has announced on Tuesday in a social network post he is resigning from the Save Romania Union (USR) and he is going to build a ‘coherent’ left-wing movement.

“I resign from USR. I am a person of dialogue, I will cooperate on certain projects with USR and the other parties. I leave the party with the hope and will to build a coherent left-wing movement, based on the belief that the world, Romania in particular, is going through a deficit of democracy, mainly in the economic area. We need participative governance, more democracy, a prospective thinking from the disadvantaged people, meaning most of the citizens, instead the current meritocracy appeal. My appeal is simple: democracy or Barbary! Those who believe in such ideas may join me,” Dohotaru wrote.

He added that USR is going through a difficult period and many colleagues cannot find their way in the Union.

“The result of the internal confrontations is that currently this is a party with a chairman giving up the federal ideology and proclaims the right-wing orientation. In this context, those like me, not on the right, no longer find their position in USR,” Dohotaru wrote. He added he wants a platform to compete against PSD and the other parties.

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