Deputy Catalin Radulescu, aka the AKM-MP, self-suspended from PSD

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MP Catalin Radulescu has announced on Monday in a press release to local media in Arges County, he has suspended himself from PSD until the clarification of all aspects related to his public statements.

“Given that I have an experience of 21 years in PSD, I don’t want the image of the party and of the PSD president to be harmed in any way, I suspend himself until all aspects of this media scandal are clarified, in order to prove my good faith and that the interpretation of my words and opinions were distorted to discredit my image and my political activity. I remain devoted to the PSD principles, programme and leadership,” the release reads.

The MP claims that his statements were distorted, but apologizes to those who felt aggrieved by his public statements.

“I regret my words were interpreted in another sense, totally distorted and untrue, as phrases in different subjects were taken away, out from an interview of 90 minutes, and attached in the Securitate style in a 2-minute movie. I apologize to the people of good faith who felt aggrieved by the unfair interpretation of my words; during my career up to this age, I was never involved in any act of public disturbance,” the statement says.

Radulescu argues, however, that “any investigation into the statements and political views of an MP is illegal and unconstitutional,” citing the Constitution in this regard.

On the other hand, Deputy Catalin Radulescu is on eight days on holiday, his request to this regard was approved on Monday by the Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies.

The deputy requested eight days of paid leave, but because he has already received three days off, the Standing Bureau has approved five days of paid leave and three days of unpaid leave, the secretary of the Standing Bureau, Ioana Bran, said.

Radulescu requested holiday during March 20-23 and March 27-30 in order to “be able carry out tests abroad”. “My health is not very good. I mention that, during the mandate 2012–2016, I did not leave any day off,” Radulescu’s request reads.

PSD deputy of Arges, Catalin Radulescu, said in an interview for ‘Adevarul’ newspaper last week that the protesters in Piata Victoriei should be driven away with water cannons. Moreover, he said he has kept the AKM machine gun with which he fought in the Revolution and is ready to use it again: “Nobody will take it away from me and if anyone comes with any idea to transform this state for which we fought, I am ready to use my gun immediately.”

He claims people went to the street to protest, were manipulated and the water cannons should have been used to drive them away. “Why are these people coming to Piata Victoriei? We cannot turn this place into a waste land. Don’t they have a family, children? They were not here for an ordinance. Just to be fools in the market? They were manipulated. Many are in the street, being called on Facebook, being called on by the multinationals,” he said.

Catalin Radulescu, one of the MPs supporting the amendments to the criminal code, has a final sentence and lots of scandals – swearing at journalists, citizens, threatening the policemen who fined him for speeding.

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