Deputy PM Barna: We plan vote to remove special pensions on Wednesday

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Deputy PM Dan Barna has stated on Monday that the Coalition leaders had agreed to put the draft on removing the special pensions on the agenda of the plenary session of the Parliament and to vote it, most probably, on Wednesday.
Barna said that the situation of special pensions comes as a priority, but each law must be amended for each category that benefits of that special pension, with also considering the ruling of the Constitutional Court. Barna explained that a committee will analyse this situation.

Early this month, Barna said: “It is true that our consistent approach is that all special pensions must be removed, but this is a unrealistic approach. The old Parliament last year attempted to do that, of course, in a drama style, as it clearly knew the draft was not constitutional.  Our approach is rational and pragmatically feasible. Namely that we remove first the special pensions of the MPs, that can be done, as there are no constitutionality matter here. It is very easy, we amend the Statute of the MPs and things become very clear.”

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