“Dissident” movement in PNL on the special pensions bill

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According to a draft bill signed by PSD, UDMR, PNL and PMP lawmakers, all mayors, deputy mayors, presidents and vice-presidents of the county councils are entitled to receive special pensions.

Starting January 1, 2019, mayors, deputy mayors, presidents and vice-presidents of county councils who meet the age criteria for retirement, are entitled to a special allowance for the age limit, when their term is over,” says the bill that is amending the law 393/2004 on the local elected statute.

The allowance for the age limit can be cumulated with any type of pensions or any other incomes. The amount of the allowance for the age limit is granted within the limit of three full mandates and is calculated as sum of the number of mandates by 0.25 from the gross minimum wage in payment. The allowance is updated anytime the gross minimum wage in payment is indexed or increased, says the bill.

The funds for these special pensions are given from the local budgets of the territorial administrative units.

The local leaders who have been sentenced to prison for corruption by a final ruling do not benefit of the special pension.

The Senate is the decision- making body in this case.

The draft law enjoys a large endorsement in the Chamber of Deputies, including from the opposition parties PNL and PMP.

The National Liberal Party (PNL) has announced it doesn’t actually endorse the draft law, recommending Liberal deputies who had signed the draft to withdraw their signatures.

“It was the initiative of a small group of colleagues. PNL doesn’t endorse it. We consider it’s not opportune and Romania has other issues at present,” said PNL vice-president Laurentiu Leoreanu.

One of the signatories, Corneliu Olar, PNL deputy, has stated that he and his colleagues had withdrawn their signatures from the bill, but still he will assume any risk and will vote in favor of the law in the plenary sitting.

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