District 1 garbage scandal: Prefect’s mediation attempts fails, district mayor Armand still asks for state of alert

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Bucharest District 1 mayor, Clotilde Armand, has announced on Wednesday that she had asked the National Authority for Regulation of Public Utilities Community Service to strip Romprest sanitation service from the operating license.

Armand kept on accusing the sanitation company of “a totally unacceptable blackmail”, arguing that “in any European capital this blackmail would have been stopped”, while insisting that a state of sanitary alert should be enforced in District 1, as she had requested the Capital Prefect since Friday.

“You see some sanitation workers on the District 1 streets who are working, sweeping, supplying expensive services, but when it comes to the public service of picking up the garbage they don’t do it (…) I saw garbage on the street, workers would sprinkle water on the road and on the garbage as well, without collecting it. It is an unacceptable blackmail. This blackmail would have stopped the next day in any European capital“,  said Clotilde Armand.

She said there are more options for the termination of the contract and the easiest one would be that the operating license should be withdrawn.
The garbage crisis in the District 1 is far from being over after the Bucharest prefect’s mediation attempt had failed.

The two parties Clotilde Armand not Romprest failed to reach a compromise, with prefect Alin Stoica still postponing a decision to enforce the state of alert unless there is a report conducted by the Environment Guard.

Moreover, District 1 mayor said she had been bullied while in traffic this morning. “This morning I was driving and an aggressive man came towards my car at the stoplights and started to kick in the car window, trying to open my car several times. I reported the incident to the Police and I went my way.

P.S. You are more and more pathetic, guys. You won’t intimidate me and I will not surrender to your mafia-like threats”, said Clotilde Armand in a Facebook post.

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