DNA chief Kovesi, ex-intelligence head Coldea might be heard in the inquiry committee on SIPA archive

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The inquiry committee for the SIPA archive intends to hear former ministers of Justice and intelligence heads from 2005 up to present, among whom there are also the former Prosecutor General from 2006 to 2012, Laura Codruta Kovesi, currently anti-corruption prosecutor chief and former deputy director of the Romanian Intelligence Service, Florian Coldea.

The plenary sitting of the Parliament has approved foundation of the inquiry committee to investigate the SIPA archive by 153 votes to 51 one week ago.

SIPA was the Justice Ministry’s former secret service, and has been recently amid huge scandal over who has studied this archive that was allegedly containing controversial information about magistrates.

“I would like to invite for hearings all people with top public positions at the Justice Ministry, SIPA and former Justice ministers-Monica Macovei, Tudor Chiuariu, Catalin Predoiu, Robert Cazanciuc, Titus Corlatean and even Victor Ponta, for he was interim minister of Justice at some point, (….) as well as the Justice Ministry’s secretary general, Prosecutors General if the case,” said Serban Nicolae, the committee chairman. He added that the members of the committee would have to also investigate the potential Intelligence incidents, and that’s why intelligence deputy chiefs should be also heard.

In his turn, PMP deputy Robert Turcescu requested that the members of the committee should pay a visit to the headquarters where the SIPA archive had been stored, yet without actually entering the archive, but just to see the surveillance system.

The next sitting of the SIPA committee was scheduled for next Thursday.

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