Draft law on using the minorities’ language in the public administration, vetoed


The MPs of the legal, public administration committees have vetoed by majority of votes, without debates, the draft law on amending the local public administration law initiated by the Democrat Union of the Magyars in Romania (UDMR). All parties, except for UDMR, have voted against the draft.

The bill stipulates the decrease of the threshold from 20 pc to 10 pc to use the native language in the public administration, which would have helped the Magyar minority in Romania use only Hungarian in the public local institutions across the counties where they have majority.

The decision came as a strike for UDMR, as they wouldn’t have expected that coming from the ruling PSD-ALDE coalition, with which they have inked a collaboration protocol in Parliament.

UDMR deputy Marton Arpad has stated on Wednesday that the veto vote is “surprising” and that the UDMR-PSD parliamentary protocol would be analysed.

He argued that reducing the threshold would have been in favor of more national minorities in Romania, such as Lipovans, Tartart, Turks, Bulgarians or Serbians.

I have got the feeling that many colleagues had come with some prejudices without knowing exactly the draft law’s content. We think that any law deserves to be debated (…),” Marton Arpad said.

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