Dragnea admits results are not good for PSD, yet he won’t resign, will not give up ruling

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In the press statement after the exit polls, the chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea has admitted the results are not meant to please the party, yet refusing to announced his resignation, hinting it’s a decision that has to be taken following “a serious debate in the CexN”

“I have assumed the things I’ve done and the ones I haven’t in my life. But I won’t assume such things on Facebook, but in a serious debate in the Executive Committee,” Dragnea said.

He claimed he had never rejected the questions for the referendum, yet said the questions have been wrongly made, adding “that not even Iohannis remembered them”.

On the other hand, PSD chairman backed down on the statement on a potential candidature for Presidency, arguing now that “I have never said I want to run for Presidency”.

My hearings are scheduled depending of the political events. PSD will have to designate a potential candidate for Presidency very soon, I understand ALDE is supporting Mr. Iohannis. I won’t decide for the party, I hope to be able to attend the CEX meeting. I think the analysis must be made between Gabriela Firea (Bucharest’s mayor) and Tariceanu”, said Dragnea, adding he will ask his party fellows to hold a Congress in the last part of June.

He urged PSD to stay united and PM Dancila to not „table her mandate”.

PSD has been through such moments, much harder and worse.  I ask all my colleagues to keep the party united. I urge the premier, lest she table her mandate. We respect the popular vote, Romanians have decided who are the MEPs to go to Brussels. PSD and ALDE must do everything to defend what they have won so far for Romanians”.

Yet, asked if he is running for Presidency, Dragnea replied: “To run you have to be able to”.

He underlined he is not afraid of anything, reiterating he is innocent int he fictitious hiring files and  that the judge panel will acquit him if “it resists unimaginable pressures”. Asked by a journalist if he has baggage all packed, the PSD chair has got pissed off, retorting “It is a bad show, I have no baggage packed”.

Questioned if he is tabling his mandate, Dragnea replied that he has always done what the party said.

“It has been a storm of hatred. Yes, maybe we are guilty. My fault is that I accepted to be the president of the party”.

Leader of PSD Vrancea, Marian Oprisan, has been the first Soc Dem leader so far who has openly asked for Dragnea’s resignation from the PSD helm. Oprisan said that Liviu Dragnea “must leave” if the party is obtaining less than 30 pc at the elections.

Oprişan added that “somebody has got the party strategy all wrong” and that an analysis will be conducted inside PSD.

Minister of Education, Ecaterina Andronescu has also hinted to the resignation, stating that, in her view, Liviu Dragnea will resign.

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