Dragnea asked about Criminal Code amendments that would suit him: Do you think they will let me get away?

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Chamber Speaker and chairman of the ruling party Liviu Dragnea has refused to talk to the journalists about the Criminal Code amendments just adopted by the special committee on Monday, however he reacted to the question if he is directly benefiting of the two of the most controversial amendments related to the abuse of office (the crime would apply only to those who commit abuse in their own interest or in the relatives’ interest and the threshold has been set to RON 1,900), Dragnea replied: „Do you think that they will let me get away?

I don’t want to talk about the Criminal Code anymore. My conclusion is this: no matter what I or my colleagues have said, everyone is entitled to his opinion. Do you know what I haven’t seen you doing? Reaction to abuses, with courts pronouncing verdicts without considering the Constitutional Court decisions”,” Dragnea stated.

Asked if PSD and ALDE still consider  suspending president Klaus Iohannis, the PSD chairman said this must be discussed within the ruling coalition, adding though that this option is not ruled out.

In his turn, Senate Speaker Calin Popescu Tariceanu argued that the amendments operated on the Criminal Codes are „absolutely necessary” to put an end to abuses „that made many innocent people be convicted”.

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