Dragnea attacks JusMin over not drafting the GEOs to amend justice laws. “He can’t go on like this”


Chairman of the Social Democrat Party (PSD) Liviu Dragnea has sent an ultimatum to the Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader for not drafting the emergency ordinances to amend the criminal codes, warning him he “cannot go on like this” announcing the ordinance for months and doing nothing. Dragnea said that a decision regarding minister Toader depends on the prime minister.

Frankly, I was amused of Wednesday. I saw a kind of theatrics. I saw some crying, threatening and shouting from Brussels that don’t you adopt an ordinance, I also saw our people in the Government, screaming and shouting as well: how dare you tell us this. What was all this theatrics for? Mr. Toader must understand that he cannot go on like this. He’d better stop this attitude. The intention was these GEOs to enter the debate in January and to debate for 3 months. He has kept on announcing the ordinances. And he did not adopt them and he has no intention to. The Parliament had started to concluded them after the CCR ruling, it has been PSD’s mistake for thinking that some will adopt these codes through ordinances”, Dragnea said, while in Calarasi.

He asked the Government to stop this “endless talk” about the ordinances. “I firmly demand the Government to stop this endless talk. The Parliament had started the conclusion of the vote on the criminal codes (…) these laws must be concluded, be it in this parliamentary session or in the upcoming one. The Government must take care seriously of the ruling programme, when it intends to adopt something it announces today and adopts in one week. We cannot allow the discussion about some parasite topics for months”, he added.

Asked what will happen with the Justice minister Tudorel Toader, the SocDem chairman said “it is for the prime minister to take a decision”. “Nobody can stay prisoner of these parasite topics. (…) The prime minister must take a decision here, if she wants to keep him or not, it is her call”, Dragnea argued, also adding that there are tens of drafts delayed by the Justice minister.

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