Dragnea gives precise orders to PSD: Amnesty and pardon GEO by January 15, criminal complaint for high treason against President Iohannis


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The ruling party, PSD, has convened for the National Council meeting at the Parliament on Sunday afternoon. At the end of the meeting, the party chairman Liviu Dragnea has delivered a huge one-hour-and-a-half speech, where he tackled all the topics debated by the Social Democrats in the past two years of ruling, he has given precise orders to ministers and other PSD leaders, and has slammed his foes- president Klaus Iohannis, Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar, the “undercover” mass media, the “unpatriotic” intelligence community, multinational companies, Soros, Europe, concluding that PSD won’t give up.

Dragnea said that there have been voices at the PSD National Council who asked for an emergency ordinance on amnesty and pardon that should be adopted by mid-January, arguing it would be “an amnesty” on Centennial. At the same time, one of the PSD chairman’s orders to the party has been to file a criminal complaint against president Iohannis for high treason.

The National Council (CN) meeting of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) has also validated former Defence minister Mihai Fifor for the position of National Council head and elected the chiefs of the specialised departments of the Social-Democrats.

There’s talk about amnesty and pardon in Romania as if we are having an atomic bomb and considering if to use it or not against the European Union or against the world. I am not afraid of saying these words. If someone finds other tools, other legislation, or any type of action to completely solve, and repair all injustice that happened in Romania and is still happening, all abuses in the judiciary system, others than through amnesty and pardon, then he will have all my and the party’s support. If not, do not hesitate, I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but PSD, PSD-ALDE coalition has this obligation to repair the injustice. And, so that all those in the undercover mass media and all those paid in bitcoins by little Soros man should not cut my veins, guys, please invent something, find a ruling of the Constitutional Court to say: these two laws or three  or five laws are not enforceable to Liviu Dragnea and we are done with theis topic. Get out, all of you, of all this trap where they are customizing these intentions as if they were given to me”, Dragnea told the press conference after the party’s top meeting.

Sources told mass media that the emergency ordinance would have already been drafted by the Justice minister and would refer to sentences up to ten years in prison.

PSD chair accused the head of state that he wants to evade investigation in the case of his houses. “The Romanian Constitution says that the President cannot be sent to court, he can only for high treason. But the Constitution doesn’t say that the Romanian President cannot be investigated. And there is a simple question. Why is President Iohannis not summoned to be heard in the investigation? For, as I far as I recall, he is charged in that criminal complaint (…) For we talk about some nabbed houses, meaning through forgery and the Iohannis family won’t give some hundreds of thousands of euros that are supposed to reach the state. But he observes the rule of law,” Dragnea has ironically commented.

He also accused that the head of state has a double speech in the country and abroad.

I heard Iohannis the other day that he has the yellow vest in his trunk. My question is: when he went to Macron, did he also tell him that he has the yellow vest in his trunk and that he is ready to take to the streets against him? Or did he say nothing there? Or to the other meetings he had with other European leaders? It is very good he encourages Mrs. Theresa May. But in the same speech where he said he encouraged a British premier, he used to encourage others to topple down the government of his country,” Dragnea added.

He further continued by attacking the banks and multinational companies, adding that it is unfair that CVM is still maintained against Romania and that our country is not accepted into Schengen.

“So, the government and the party and the coalition are needed to tell the banks and multinationals in Romania that this country also has the right to ask for the huge profits they are doing here, to pay taxes here. Not in some tax havens or in their countries of origin, for they are making this money here, with Romanians. Romania has been cheated too much time and put in restraints with the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (…) So, the CVM is maintained on Romania for it is better it is voiceless”, the SocDem head argued.

He mocked the sentences and corruption cases investigated against such officials as Olguta Vasilescu, former Craiova mayor and Labour minister, against ex-PSD premier Adrian Nastase, or against former constitutional judge Toni Grebla, claiming there is a different kind of corruption in Romania.

Instead, there is corruption….indeed in Romania, we have to admit, but it is a different kind of corruption. The corruption of power, which is mentioned neither in the CVM reports nor in Mr. Timmermans’ reviews, who is our Social Democrat colleague and comrade, nor within the concern voiced by some ambassadors, by some lecturers who are coming to teach us anti-corruption lessons and who are telling us what to do or not to do. So, it is about the corruption of power, which, it is at its highest level in Romania, among all democratic states in the world“, Dragnea stated.

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