Dragnea nervous outbreak in Parliament: How the hell can a law help me? You’d better talk to Iohannis to give a decree to shoot me

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PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea had a nervous outbreak in Parliament on Wednesday when he was asked by a journalist if a recently adopted law on the home arrest, is helping him.

What law are you talking about? And how the hell is helping me with? For I had enough with all these lies. Are there no more people in this country besides me? You should ask them. So, the ones in public offices can be ruined? I am still a human being and I have enough with answering about this nonsense. You should talk to hashtag, to Iohannis to give a decree and shoot me the day after tomorrow. You, youngsters have ended up in supporting intelligence officers, abuses. How the hell can a law advantage me, for they ruined my life for years, there was no evidence against me at the referendum and I am prosecuted in the second file,” Dragnea told journalists.

As a matter of fact, the SocDem leader has lost his temper several times while talking to the journalists in the Parliament and has got upset that some of them were taking photos of him.

Join me in the closet, baby, let’s go there, nice pictures will be taken there. What the hell!,” Dragnea told a reporter who was photographing him

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