Dragnea, Ponta shake hands on ex-PM’s running for Parliament on PSD lists

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Former premier Victor Ponta stays on the Social Democrat Party’s parliamentary lists and this is set, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday after meeting Ponta on a debate on the parliamentary elections.

The two Social Democrats announced that the former PM would run on the PSD lists and will take care of the public finances in the party’s ruling programme.

“I asked him what I am asking to myself: to work together for Romania, as we’ve always done. He is a PSD member, he will be on our lists. It’s a closed topic from my and his point of view. We shared duties in this party. And the fact that he will coordinate the money part for the Romanians gives me a lot of peace and confidence, both for the ruling programme’s content and for the chance that Romanian can better understand what we want to do,” Dragnea said at the party’s HQs after a meeting with Victor Ponta.

After several Social Democrats left PSD and set up a new party, the United Romania Party (PRU), its leaders kept on inviting Ponta to join their ranks. Moreover, speculations that the former PM will eventually leave PSD to PRU have been fed by the fact that tycoon Sebastian Ghita, very close to Ponta, went to PRU.

Dragnea also reiterated that they had not been discussing on positions during these three months until elections.

“I think people are more interested in what we are doing for them (…) We’ll give our foes who don’t have a ruling programme yet a chance to start talking on persons,” Dragnea mentioned.

The PSD chairman also denied to comment on the censure motion that the United Romania Party (mostly set up with former Social Democrat members) wants to file. “We are waiting (….) PM Ciolos to present the state of nation after the Tax Code incident,” Dragnea said.

Ponta: I’m treated like Osama bin Laden

In his turn, Victor Ponta said that several colleagues are working on the PSD’s ruling programme but “Liviu Dragnea is the coordinator.” “Liviu asked me to manage something that I am good at: the Romanians’ money. I know very well what the IMF, EC and EIB mean,” Ponta argued.

He reproached to PM Ciolos that he has been commissioning projects initiated during the PSD ruling.

Insistently asked by the journalists if he still intends to go to PRU or not, Ponta said: “I cannot play for 2 teams at the same time if I am needed in PSD.”
As a matter of fact, Ponta thanked all his party fellows who have been standing by him during his judicial control in a new case.

“I was happy that Liviu and the other colleagues have been solidary with me, especially that they knew what it means to be unjustly accused. I am treated as if I was Osama bin Laden or Pablo Escobar,” Ponta said, adding that he had to go to the Police quite often under the judicial control’s proceedings.

Questioned if he knew about the fee received by ex-British PM Tony Blair to go electioneering for him, as the anti-corruption prosecutors claim, Ponta replied: “I didn’t, obviously!”

“In March 2012 we had 50% in the opinion polls, just like now. I don’t know if it was Tony Blair that lifted us from the margin or not,” he added.

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