Dragnea sends first warning to Dancila Gov’t: If ministers don’t assume decentralization, they cannot be in the Cabinet


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Chairman of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, has delivered a warning to the ministers of the Dancila Cabinet on Thursday, stating that those who cannot assume the decentralization related issues, cannot be member of the Government. Dragnea is to have a discussion with the ministers on this topic on Thursday.

The discussion will not be complicated, I am not a tough man, but I am rigorous and exigent and I will not be able to look you into the eyes in 2 years and say: <I couldn’t, for the ministers didn’t want to>”, Dragnea said, while warning the ministers.

When they accepted the minister positions, they have also accepted all ruling problems (…) Either they support the ruling programme that they assumed and give the green light to the sectorial development, or, if they don’t assume, they cannot stay in the government anymore. This is no hugger-mugger government, it is a gov’t that is enforcing a complicated ruling programme. Decentralization is no game,” the PSD chair underlined.

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