Dragnea: Tax Code might be promulgated by next Monday

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PSD interim president Liviu Dragnea on Monday said that the new Tax Code is undergoing a speedy procedure in Parliament, being expected to be passed by the Senate plenum on Tuesday and by the Chamber of Deputies on Thursday, so that the president should promulgate it by next Monday.

Dragnea said there is “a very tight” timetable for Tax Code enactment. The Parliament’s committees are scheduled to pass the draft these days and so is the plenum of the both chambers.

“We hope we can send it for promulgation to the president’s office on Sunday, and it’s very possible to have a new Tax Code next Monday,” social democrat chairman said.

During the last weekend, the Liberals also expressed their intention for a speed-up, with the PNL co-president Vasile Blaga announcing his party wont’ table any more amendments, except for the ones agreed by the political parties on Thursday, so that the draft should be promulgated soon.

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