Dragnea: The PSD proposal for the PM position will be “an acceptable one”, to be revealed only during the consultations with the President

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Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea said on Thursday that that the PSD-ALDE premier proposal will be made only during the consultations with President Iohannis at the Cotroceni Palace and will be an acceptable one.

I will not forward this proposal thinking of an advantage for me, for president Iohannis or for PSD. I will do it in this country’s benefit. The proposal will be revealed only at the consultations,” Dragnea stated.

He pointed out that all who have lost the elections, including president Iohannis, will be able this week to get used to this idea and to understand that, beside frustrations, sorrows and illusions, “it has been a vote that must be observed, otherwise we stepped out of democracy”.

Asked about the possibility that the head of stat might turn down the PSD proposal for the PM position, Dragnea said: “I will start from the benefit of good faith. I am a responsible man, I don’t intend to promote an useless conflict.

All in all, the SocDem chairman insisted that he considers a proposal that “cannot be turned down politically or mathematically.

The president will have no constitutional reason to turn down this proposal,” Dragnea said, just disclosing it’s going to be a Social Democrat member party.

Ruling with ALDE

The PSD head also informed that the party has had a first meeting with ALDE, co-chaired by Calin Popescu Tariceanu and Daniel Constantin, informing the PSD will therefore not go to rule alone, but next to ALDE.

According to Dragnea, PSD and ALDE have 250 mandates together, so 54% of the total number of seats in Parliament, which is enough to form a parliamentary majority.

PSD has won these elections without any doubt, and Romanians have voted neither a technocrat nor a Liberal Gov’t. Those who want to ignore the vote of December 11 not only that they are mistaken, but they’ll also break the citizens’ will,” Dragnea argued.

Dragnea, dissapointed that President Iohannis didn’t call him after the elections’ results

Liviu Dragnea slammed the consultations held on Wednesday with PNL, USR, PMP, UDMR and national minorities, arguing they “led to no result”.

“I have never turned down and never will to take part in the consultations if they fit in the constitutional provisions,” said the SocDec chairman.

He added that “PSD is reiterating its willingness to collaborate and dialogue with the President” on all matters related to the country’s stability and security.

However, Dragnea voices his disappointment for President Iohannis haven’t called him, the leader of the party that won elections.

He didn’t call me. I would have liked that. It would have been natural to call me, as he called me after he had proposed Mr. Dacian Ciolos as PM. And I was sentenced back then as well. I would have expected him to call me, as I am the leader of the party that won elections, to talk to me, to have a healthy discussion for the country (….),” PSD head argued.

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