Dragnea threatens with legal, social actions if ruling is „illegally” taken over

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The ruling Social Democrat chairman Liviu Dragnea has stated on Monday that if ruling is illegally taken over, then PSD will use „all legal, constitutional, public and social means so that the vote of the citizens from Decembr 2016 should be respected”, including a meeting to support the premier.

As for the President impeachment, we still hope there is somewhere a shred of lucidity in this action (the potential suspension of PM Viorica Dancila) (…) We are not considering the impeachment of Romania’s President, but, as I said, we are not going to be passive, to do nothing if we see things are going to the direction that some might take over ruling in an illegitimate way,” PSD chair said.

He also added that organizing a meeting to support PM Viorica Dancila is not out of the question, as the Cabinet led by Dancila has the ruling coalition’s endorsement.

 Dragnea, Orban embark on war of statements over criminal complaint on embassy relocation

After Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban had filed a criminal complaint against PM Viorica Dancila at the General Prosecutor’s Office last Thursday, PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea slammed the move, saying it can be considered an act of „institutional antisemitism”. At the same time, Dragnea threatened Orban he might be also sued for spreading false information.

Besides talking about other nonsense, we can talk about institutional antisemitism. When the criminal complaint talks about charges of high treason for an official had official meetings with other heads of state and government in other country, it is a KGB-like approach, a communist secret police approach, the state of Israel is treated here like a foreign power that we are in conflict with. In our view, it is an action which brings major disservices to Romania.

Those who designed this criminal complaint and also the ones who assumed it have proved a great irresponsibility. Some Israeli citizens are accused of being influence agents, I saw comments that they would be spies,” the ruling party’s leader commented.

In retort, Ludovic Orban said he would not take any step back on the criminal complaint, while urging Dragnea to stop threatening journalists, prosecutors, civil servants or citizens.

Oban added that he is neither scared about the PSD’s intention to organize a meeting. „I doubt that Romanians will come in support of functional illiteracy and of incompetence,” he argued.

President refuses to comment complaint

President Klaus Iohannis has refused to comment over the criminal complaint filed by Ludovic Orban against PM Dancila on Monday evening, yet labeling some of he reactions on the topic as hysterical.

I decided to not comment the complaint filed by Mr. Orban in any way, neither the interpretations, which have been quite hysterical on a certain political side. I do not want to leave the impression that I could or I would influence the investigation,” Iohannis said.

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