Dragnea’s „Romania 2040” Strategy, unconstitutional


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Romania’s Constitutional Court (CCR) has upheld President Iohannis’ and the Opposition’s challenges against the Law on drafting and updating the „Romania 2040” long-term national strategy, a project initiated by former PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea.

If the draft bill had come into force, the goals set as priorities within the document would have become mandatory for all future governments.

President Iohannis argued in the complaint filed to CCR that „through the manner it had been adopted, as well as through its content, the bill runs counter some constitutional principles and rules”.

The head of state also criticised that the Senate had not adopted the draft law and the solutions adopted by the Chamber of Deputies.

Iohannis argued that one of the amendments said that the responsibility to draft this strategy had been transferred from the Parliament to only one chamber, namely the Chamber of Deputies.

Opposition parties PNL and USR have also referred the strategy to CCR, arguing it is not complying with certain provisions of the Constitution.

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