Dragnea’s self irony on the TelDrum suitcase scandal, brings two suitcases in Parliament

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PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea has come to the party’s Executive Committee sitting in Parliament on Monday with two suitcases, after the TelDrum leak documents case released in the mass media. Rise Project announced the documents found on a field in Teleorman had been brought to them by a villager.

I was being late for I have received two suitcases. The first one is with  doughnuts (cock-and-bull stories) from Rise Project. They are fresh, we can eat them down here.

As for the second suitcase, as you probably know, I am from Teleorman and like any local in Teleorman I have found a suitcase with documents in my courtyard, the documents have not yet reached DNA, let’s see what’s inside.

Check this out: 1. The acquisition of the Raiffeisen case. 2. Retrocessions of the German ethnic group to the German Forum. 3. Promoting prosecutors who closed their files. 4. Statements about the money from renting contracts. 5. Renting the retirement home from the German forum. 6. Pressures on a Court’s judge. And we have more flash drives in store,” said Dragnea.

Supreme Court sets new court hearing in Dragnea’s fictitious hiring file

On the other hand, the Supreme Court has postponed once again the court hearing in the fictitious hiring file, where Liviu Dragnea has got a sentence of three years and a half in prison. The magistrates have set another hearing in this file on December 3. The trial has been delayed for the defenders in the case have asked for more time to study the appeal grounds.

Is not the Prosecutor’s Office that is asking for a delay to study the appeal grounds and you are the ones asking that?”, the judge has said surprised.

Yes, other appeal grounds have been filed during the hearing today and we are asking more time to know them,” replied lawyer Marian Nazat.

Liviu Dragnea has been sentenced on three years and 6 months in jail in this file in a first court, to which he filed an appeal. The first court hearing set for early October had been postponed for November 5 so that the defendants, including the PSD chairman, should hire lawyers.

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