Drumul Taberei metro line inaugurated by President Iohannis, PM Orban

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Drumul Taberei-Eroilor metro line has opened today, September 15, five years later than scheduled. The official opening took place in the presence of President Klaus Iohannis and PM Ludovic Orban. The subway has become operational for passengers as of 14:00hrs.

President Iohannis stated that “this subway line risked becoming a sort of legend, a legend of delays, but here it is, a resolute government has come and wanted to prove that such things can be inaugurated successfully”.

The head of state added that this subway line is “definitely the biggest achievement of this kind in Romania after the Revolution”. He underlined that a great part of this investment had been financed with EU funds. “We still have more European funds at our disposal, huge sums of money. So, the fast development of the infrastructure in Romania can be further continued and I hope it will actually happen”, the President said.

PSD fires back, takes credit for the M5 metro line

In retort, the representatives of the Social Democratic Party (PSD) accused the Government and the President of demagogy, claiming that Drumul Taberei metro line project belongs to them.

In a Facebook post, PSD said that the Liberals and President Iohannis had commissioned “a project unblocked and made 99% by the Social Democrat governments”.

“Iohannis-Orban couple is taking PNL back in time: the masters are traveling by subway first, the plebs must wait!”, says the PSD post.

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