EC barometer: Romanians see Justice’s progress, but favour CVM follow-on

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More and more Romanians think that the justice system and anti-corruption fight made good progress in Romania, with most of them favouring the CVM control.

According to the euro barometer released by the European Commission on Tuesday, 91 percent of Romanian respondents think corruption is a serious issue in Romania, and 90 percent believe the justice system’s deficiencies are as troublemaker.

Yet, 22 percent of them consider that the fight against corruption made progress, compared to a similar survey in 2012 when only 13 percent of the responds had this opinion.
34 percent of Romanian also believe that progress has been made when it comes to the justice system defaults, compared to 20 percent in 2012.

The future sounds good, as well. 43 percent of them are confident that justice deficiencies will improve in the next 5 years, while 34 percent are optimistic about the anti-corruption fight for the next 5 years.
79 percent both of Romanians and Bulgarians think that the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism plays a tremendous part in corruption and organized crime fighting. 56 percent of the Romanian respondents are considering CVM is helping Romania to fight justice related issued and 67 percent assess that EC action has already had a positive role in the fight against corruption.

Moreover, 73 percent of our nationals think that CVM should carry on until the Romanian Justice situation would be similar to the one in other EU member states.

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