EC, ECB request amendments to the BNR statute, to prevent political influences, PNL Senator says

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Liberal Senator, Florin Citu, claims that the European Commission and the European Central Bank request amendments to the National Bank’s statute, so that the Finance Ministry’s representatives are banned from attending the monetary policy sittings, arguing the risk of political influences is high.

The two institutions also request new provisions that would block any Government attempt to influence the BNR decisions, reports.

Citu says that in 2016 three out of four criteria to join the Eurozone were met, but currently only one of them is met, because “the PSD governance and the Dancila-Valcov committee have worsened the economic situation.”

“The EC and ECB – devastating verdict for Dragnea and his governments!” Citu wrote on Facebook. “The EC and ECB ask for amending the BNR statute (…) after Dragnea and his clique attacked the central bank in public speeches and tried to influence the monetary policy with a threatening letter addressed to the BNR management.”

The main request coming from the European Commission is that the Finance Ministry does not attend the monetary policy sittings, not even as observer, given the risk to influence the BNR monetary policy.

The PNL Senator claims, based on alleged EC and ECB documents, that they request an amendment to article 3 of the BNR statute, which should provide that the Government will not attempt to influence the BNR decisional structures.

Citu claims Romania is now farther away from Eurozone than it was in 2016, when three criteria were met.

“Bad news for Dragnea and his people: EC and ECB request a series of amendments to the BNR statute aiming at only one target: to strengthen the monetary policy independence against politics,” Citu wrote.



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