EC retorts to FinMin Teodorovici’s proposal on restricting working rights

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After Finance Minister Eugen Teodorovici had proposed to the EU finance ministers to limit the working rights in another country to a certain period of time, the European Commission replied that the freedom of movement of workers is a EU’s fundamental right.

Reminding, as a general rule, that it doesn’t comment on comments, the European Commission told Digi 24 that „ the workers’ freedom of movement is a fundamental right within the European Union, one of the main pillars of the internal market that is enshrined in all Treaties and, according to the studies, it is the right that enjoys the largest appreciation among Europeans. The Commission’s stance has been clear since the very beginning of this mandate: making a deeper and fairer Internal Market is an essential element to build a more social Europe. In order to function properly, the mobility of the workforce must be based on clear, correct and enforceable rules, for instance through enshrining the principle of equally paying the same job in the same place for all detached workers. At the same time, the EU has committed to provide better work and living conditions across the entire Union, in the light of such challenges as ageing society, globalisation and digitisation”.

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