EC sends tough warning in retort to the new Criminal Code: “We won’t hesitate to take the necessary measures”

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The European Commission has sent a tough warning to the Romanian authorities on Wednesday evening following the vote on the Criminal Code in Parliament, stating it is watching the developments in Romania with growing concern and that it won’t hesitate to resort to actions where it will be necessary to ensure the compliance with the European treaties.

The EC press release says that the Commission is closely watching the reform of the judiciary system in Romania, announcing it will examine the final texts of the law and the compliance with the European legislation. “As a guarantor of the international treaties, we won’t hesitate to take the necessary measures to observe them,” the European Commission stated.

We have repeatedly said, likewise other international partners and member states, that the fight against corruption and ensuring an independent justice system are extremely important. It is actually the core of the Mechanism of Cooperation and Verification. It is vital for Romania to intensify efforts and to avoid the steps backwards,” the EC further notes.

Both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate have passed amendments submitted by the PSD-ALDE ruling coalition lawmakers to the Criminal Code this week, with many controversial ones, such as the one that is partially decriminalizing the abuse of office, a provision seen as a ‘dedication’ to help PSD chairman Liviu Dragnea get rid of the charges that had recently brought him a prison conviction.

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