EC will reconsider the amount of compensation granted to Romanian farmers, upon Iohannis’ request


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The President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, announced during the European Council meeting that the institution will reanalyze the amount of compensation granted to Romanian farmers who suffered as a result of cheap grain imports from Ukraine, Digi24 reports.

“I would like to emphasize the great success of the solidarity corridors that have allowed Ukraine to export large quantities of grain and other agricultural products. This is in addition to the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the second major initiative to help Ukraine export its grain. In this context, it is important to help – and we have discussed this – our farmers in the European Union who have to deal with the consequences of the market. Because now a lot of grain is coming to the European market, and that has an influence on prices. And therefore those frontline countries that help the most should not suffer and be disadvantaged. As a first step, we mobilized over 56 million euros from the Emergency Agricultural Reserve. But this is not enough. This was very clear tonight. Therefore, I am grateful to Romania, which made a motion and asked us to analyze the increase of this amount for farmers in the frontline states”, said the president of the European Commission

On the sidelines of the European Council, President Klaus Iohannis presented to the President of the European Commission the difficult situation in which Romanian farmers find themselves, who must be supported as a result of the losses suffered. Klaus Iohannis requested the reanalysis of the situation by the Commission.

President Ursula von der Leyen announced during the meeting that the EC will reanalyze and return to the figures for Romania. The compensation due to our country was initially set at 10.05 million euros, an amount that deeply displeased the Romanian authorities. Moreover, before the Brussels meeting, President Iohannis criticized the Commission for the approved amount.

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